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Lashes. Brows & Skin

It’s my duty to praise your Beauty

Would you like to enhance your natural beauty? Visit Tiffany Beauty, treat yourself and see the difference with perfect lashes & brows. Our mission, at Tiffany Beauty, is provide a friendly, professional services through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals.

Lashes and Brows make everything better. Call us today

 About Me

Tiffany's Beauty & Spa - Lashes, Brows & Skin Artistry is a beauty salon located in Sunshine North Vic 3020. We offer a range of beauty services specializing in eyelash extensions & cosmetic tattooing include eyebrow feathering, lip and eyeliner tattoo. We also offer high quality facial services, waxing, tinting.  We provide a professional and friendly environment with a team of highly skilled and creative professionals. Our warm personality and attention to detail always means the best possible experience. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.


Are you looking for eyelash extension in Melbourne?

If so, don't hesitate to book a free consultation with us to discuss what lash style is best for you. We offer a wide range of eyelash extension styles.

You may also enjoy following my Fanpage or Instagram account, where I post daily tips and guidance about eyelash extensions.

Tiffany Pham

Lash & Brow Artist


23 St Andrews dr, Sunshine North Vic 3020


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